About Us

Our Norwegian company, Filter Optix, was established in 2020 by us, two friends, who realised the negative health impacts caused by modern artificial blue lights in our current digital world. Being profound health enthusiasts, we wanted to help create a healthier solution for all people around the world while still caring for our planet.


Research has shown that overexposure to artificial blue light is associated with many health issues such as depression, anxiety, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The most optimal solution was to create an innovative product that could synergistically improve people’s health and wellbeing while still living in harmony with our modern digital lifestyles.

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To satisfy people’s desire to look attractive, the glasses were designed with an exceptionally stylish and aesthetic look while using leading-edge filtering technology to create the most effective blue light glasses on the market.

The decision to develop 4 colours of different blue light blocking lenses came from the idea to accommodate all types of settings, ensuring the greatest health benefits while considering people’s preferences in looks. Each of the 4 lenses were designed through a rigorous process to create superior blue light glasses, ensuring optimal protection from artificial blue light for improved sleep, health and wellbeing.

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