Why Choose Filter Optix

Our glasses have been designed and developed in Norway by the highest standards and excellency. The high-quality aesthetic glasses are designed for optimal fit and superior performance to improve your health with style.

Our lenses are designed and developed in Norway in collaboration with a top-tier lens supplier that has the leading-edge lens and coating technology. All our glasses have been treated with a multilayer coating ensuring supreme performance for a competitive advantage in the market.

Filter Optix blue light blocking lenses have an advanced multilayer coating for optimal performance and durability

Coating Features

  • Blue light blocking
  • Anti-reflective – AR coating that reduces light reflection on both lens sides
  • Anti-static – repels dust, dirt and other particles
  • Super-hydrophobic – repels water and prevents moisture and fogging
  • Grease resistant – easy to clean smudges and oils
  • Scratch resistant – hard coating that improves durability and protects against scratches

Our Promise

We in Filter Optix are committed to improving people’s lives, health and wellness by developing an innovative eyewear brand. Our goal is to help people manage and reduce artificial blue light exposure, which in clinical trials has proven to be detrimental to your sleep and overall health.

Our glasses are made of only the best quality materials through the highest standards of production practices. Each pair of glasses produced go through a careful and extensive quality control in every phase of the production to ensure superior effectiveness and top customer satisfaction.

We work hard to stay the leading brand when it comes to performance of blue light blocking lenses, quality and aesthetics, while keeping an environmentally sustainable profile. This guarantees our customers the finest and most effective blue light glasses on the market.

We offer a 2-year warranty for all glasses to ensure full customer satisfaction (see Terms & Conditions).

Filter Light for Life

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